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About Us

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FAQ: About Us

From the Encyclopedia of Vietnamese Music at PBwiki.




Send more questions to us at dochuyen84@gmail.com



What is this site about?


The Encyclopedia of Vietnamese Music began as the brain-child of Jason Nguyen (Nguyễn Đình Mạc Vũ) and continues to be a rather small but enthusiastic operation. The idea is to create a wiki in the style of Wikipedia that is specific to Vietnamese music, thus allowing it to go into more detail than can be expected of Wikipedia. Contributors are always welcome no matter how in-depth one's background, and although the focus of the wiki currently leans in favor of traditional music, which is the administrator's area of expertise, contributors willing to put the energy into it could easily fill out any aspect of Vietnamese music they wanted. The point of course is that the wiki's direction is a direct consequence of user contribution.




What's a wiki?


A wiki is a kind of collaborative website that is easy to edit. Every page of a wiki is editable online and immediately, making it a perfect medium for collaborative projects. Furthermore, formatting is handled by the backend/server, so contributors focus almost entirely on content. For a model, I suggest Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia in multiple languages that is managed almost entire by volunteers. Anonymous editing at Wikipedia is allowed, but PBwiki, the host of the Encyclopedia of Vietnamese Music, requires logging in for all edits. Contact the administrator for the password to access the Encyclopedia as a contributor.


Also, try creating your own wiki through PBwiki if you have a chance. The possibilities are practically limitless.




What can I contribute? How do I contribute?


Basically, anything concerning Vietnamese music can be contributed and would be a valuable addition to the Encyclopedia. As stated above, most articles thus far focus on Vietnamese traditional music, but the index and general outlook of the Encyclopedia encourages contributors in areas of modern Vietnamese music as well, such as popular music and artists.


Contributions are made simply by editing a pre-existing page or starting a new page. There are a few formatting rules, so it's suggested that you see Editing Notes first, but if gets too complicated, just jump write in and start writing and an administrator or moderator will make sure that it ultimately gets formatted correctly.


If this sounds interesting to you, send an e-mail to the administrator for the contributor password.



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