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(E) - English (V) - Vietnamese (E&V) - Bilingual



From the Encyclopedia of Vietnamese Music at PBwiki.








  • Bạch Yến (E&V) - Homepage of singer Bạch Yến. For now, it appears Professor Trần Quang Hải (her husband) is keeping his information there as well.




  • Vietnamese Institute of Music (E&V) - A high-quality site with plenty of musical examples and articles. The English translation is a little rough around the edges.








News & Radio















  • VDict.com (E&V) - Vietnamese dictionary with conversions between Vietnamese, English, and French. Very useful.


  • VietSciences (V) - Tremendous amount of information on all areas of academia from genetics to musicology. The forums and Vietnamese music sections are both frequented by Professors Trần Văn Khê & Trần Quang Hải.


  • Việt Nam Thư Quán (V) - An "online library" with a lot of goodies, including a lot of old music that is very difficult to find. Mạc Vũ is a regular in their forums in the "Cổ Nhạc" area.


  • VNNews.com (E) - Basic cultural information; good for overviews of topics.


  • Wikipedia (E&V) - The popular online, user-contributed encyclopedia. The model for the Encyclopedia of Vietnamese Music. Many language options available.







Individual Articles by Topic













Traditional & Folk Music









Note: Local cache files are made for archival purposes and not to replace the information on the sites themselves. You should try the original links first, and if those are non-functional, view the local copy (the Encyclopedia does not cache any media, only the original pages)



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